I thought he had 50,000 Dollars?!


Or is he mentally unstable?


By Sami Zaatari




Supposed apostate of Islam Ali Sina has claimed that he is willing to pay 50,000 dollars in cash to anyone who can disprove his claims against Islam, as he himself writes:


I will also pay 

$50,000 U.S. dollars 

to anyone who can disprove my charges and prove Islam is a true religion in an objective (not subjective) way. This is to thank you for showing me the right way. Hey, what is $50,000 dollars compared to being burned and tortured by a sadistic deity? 

This claim is very funny indeed; you would think that a person who can freely give 50,000 dollars would not need donations from people to help run his site! :

Dear reader and supporter of FFI:

Thank you for your generous donation. We already reached and surpassed the funds required for leasing a super fast server in just a few days. Your support is a nod of approval to our work and it shows how much you care for this site to stay alive and grow. If the donations reach $6,000 dollars, we can afford to keep the present server also and host other Islamocritic sites for free. Otherwise we just concentrate on our own site. (http://www.faithfreedom.org/Announcement/70401.htm)

So Ali Sina basically needs money from his ?fans' to help keep the present sever they are using for their site, and to host other anti-Islamic sites. That is quite strange isn't it? For a man who can make a 50,000 dollar debate challenge you would think that to pay 6000 dollars to keep the server would be nothing! But no! He in fact needs his reader's money so that he and his fellow goons can AFFORD to keep the server! Can you believe that?! This loser can't even afford the cost of his sever!!!!!! So much for him having 50,000 dollars, as we can see his claim of having 50,000 dollars was a blatant lie, he just wanted to make himself look smart and charismatic, to bad it ended up making him look like a fool and continues to show that Ali Sina lives in a self delusional world where he enjoys giving out false information and living a false life.

But now the crunch of all this is not if he has 50,000 dollars or not, who cares, the fact is is that he LIED about it, and he lied about it on the very same page where he said he would remove his site if he is refuted, basically this all shows that Ali Sina is a liar and that no matter what proof you give him and no matter how bad you refute him he still wont take down his site, this claim of his is yet another lie.

At the end of the day this reveals several things, that firstly Ali Sina and his filthy site isn't taken seriously be any credible source, because had it been so it would have been sponsored by an organization to help pay for its fees, but as you can see no organization is backing Ali Sina and his goons, he cant even afford his own sever! It further shows that Ali Sina is a liar, something we already knew, but the most disturbing thing that it does reveal is as I said is that Ali Sina is self delusional. He is not mentally stable, and I say this not as an insult or a mockery, but as a mere fact based on an analysis of his writings and his character. For starters, Ali Sina has stated that he pretends to live like a Muslim in front of his family members, so basically he puts up a false image. As we have just seen now Ali Sina also claims he has 50,000 dollars, another false image he is putting up for the people, to show that he is some rich cool guy, yet this is another fake image he is putting up. Last but not least in one of his articles Ali Sina himself wrote:

I pretended to be Italian. As a young man I was embarrassed of what my countrymen where doing and the images coming from Iran were shaming me. I did not want to be counted among those hoodlums.    

So as you can see, this man at one point in his life pretended to be an Italian! Now he claims it was because he was ashamed of his countrymen, now it is true that people do sometimes pretend to be something also because they are shy or ashamed, but in this case we can say Ali Sina was not pretending to be Italian because he was ashamed of being an Iranian, rather we can confidently say that he pretended to be an Italian was due to the fact that he suffers from a major identity crisis, and that this identity crisis has mentally affected his state of mind to the point where he has to act like something he is not!

We have seen that Ali Sina pretends to be a Muslim in front of his family and friends, we have seen on his site that he claims he has 50,000 dollars when he doesn't, and we now see that he also once pretended to be an Italian! So as you and I can see there is a very worrying pattern appearing with this man, and we can clearly see that this man is deeply mentally unstable, something is not right in his head, and these facts prove it.

I would really recommend that Ali Sina visits the nearest mental institution as soon as possible, and to his fans, if you really do care for Ali Sina then I urge you too to help this man out of his mental illness, recommend a good doctor, do whatever you can, but you must save this man from his self delusion and mental illness.

And Allah Knows Best!