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Ali Sina the Terrorist


By Sami Zaatari




Yet again Ali Sina exposes himself as nothing more than an extremist, a hater, and a terrorist! You see folks, we are always a step ahead of Ali Sina, and we watch his forum very closely, we do this because we know here and there that this pathetic excuse for a human being will show his true colours showing his extreme hatred towards Muslims. It seems Ali Sina thinks that his hateful genocidal comments on his forum will go unnoticed which is why he makes them there, but yet again we have caught him in the act, and have saved his hate messages.


We have already exposed Ali Sina and his hatred towards Muslims over here:


Let us now post his latest hate messages against Muslims:


I don't want to see good people die while Muslim scumbags live and take the world. If any city is nuked I think the world should destroy the Islamic world completely in a way that they can't have any strength to do anything. Any wait would only cause more death. This must be done decisively and immediately. Muslims must get the message loud and clear. If your terrorist brothers nuke one of our cities, we will nuke your world. I bet this will make the Muslims think twice and they then will see they can't play the game of taqyyah saying we are the moderate Muslims and are against terrorism. If you are against terrorism why you follow the terrorist Muhammad? It is like saying, I love Hitler and do whatever he says but I am a peaceful Muslim and I am against killing people. That lie does not wash anymore.


Wow! And this is the man whom his fans call a great smart man! This loser is calling for the Muslims to be nuked! And then they turn around claiming we don't hate Muslims, we don't want violence, as usual they are all liars. None of these infidels want peace, and this proves it, they are all liars, all of them want to kill as many Muslims as they can. And by ?they' I am referring to people like Ali Sina and his fans, these people are sick in the head and are hopeless.


Ali's hate doesn't end there, yet again he advocates the murder of all Muslims:


If any city in the West is nuked I am 100% for nuking tens of cities in Islamic countries. I don't see Muslims as innocent people. They are all guilty as sin. It is not necessary to be part of al Qaida to be guilty. If you are a Muslim you agree with Muhammad and that is enough evidence against you.


There you go folks, he sees no Muslims as innocent people, so therefore you, your mother, your father, your children, and your whole family are fair game to Ali Sina. So basically to Ali Sina if your a Muslim, your a legitimate target to be killed! And this very same loser and his idiotic supporters turn around and say they want peace? As you can see, this man is very sick, and he needs to be put in jail for such hate-filled comments.


I would really like to thank Ali Sina for these comments, because it makes our job much easier, it shows we Muslims are not paranoid at all, it is a fact that Ali Sina hates Muslims and wants them dead, this is not our paranoia as you can see, so thank you Mr.Sina for proving our claims!


There can never be any reason with a  man like Ali Sina, he is an extremist, a terrorist, and as you saw he wants all Muslims dead. What more can we add to this?


And Allah Knows Best




the comments were taken from:




Screen shots to be provided soon.


**Update 2**


This Gets even worst, after Ali Sina made his hatefilled comment this is what one of his fans had to say in reply to him:





^ Ali Sina please re-consider what you wrote there. Remember, a lot of us are ex-muslims so every single member of our family are muslims. Please don't blame them, instead you should feel sorry for them for being born into islam.
Don't wish for them to be nuked. I hope you don't wish that upon my relatives living back home in pakistan.

Thank you.(


even his own fans are disgusted by his hate! We will keep you up to date if anything further comes up.


**UPDATE 3**


The screen shot is availible: