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Book of Violence and Questionable Morals?

Responding to Fitna- A full refutation to the Fitna documentary

The Quran or the New Testament: Which Advocates Anti-Semitism towards the Jews

Jihad: an oppresive war or a just war of defence?- A detailed article analyzing and explaining the many verses of Jihad.

Fight those who dont Believe- Does Surah 9:29 (Taubah) prove that Islam is a intolerant violent faith for commanding Muslims to fight those who dont believe in Allah until they pay the jizyah?

3 misinterpreted Ayats- Touches on the subject of whethor the Quran calls ALL Christians/Jews as apes and swine.

None-Muslims are the worst BEASTS?- Does the Quran really call all none-Muslims as being the worst of beasts?

Surah 8 does verse 12 command Muslims to behead and terrorize Christians?

Crucify and Mutilate None-Muslims?- Examines Surah 5:33 and sees whether the Quran actually commands Muslims to go crucify and mutilate None-Muslims

No Good Teachings- Examines the claim of whethor the Quran teachings nothing good as some ignorant arrogant Christians say.

Slay them Wherever you find them- Examines verse 191 from Surah al-Baqarah, it is commonly used versed by non-Muslim in which they claim it supposedly advocates Terrorism.

Is The Quran from Satan-Proves the Quran cannot be from Satan, and the criteria used is even backed by Jesus!

Smite Their Necks- Does Surah Muhammad (47) verse 4 preach terrorism?

The Bible Confirms the Quran

The Bible confirms the Quran-again

Does the Quran copy and borrow from Arab Paganism?- shows the moral excellence of the Quran and how the Quran does NOT take from pagan traditions.

A Muslim-Christian dialog
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