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Answering-Islam is perhaps the only real polemic site on the net, unlike many other sites, most of the material is their own, and most of their topics are all to the topic of comparitive religion unlike many other sites which engage in several off topic articles or have very little polemic material. This can be Answering-Islam's only compliment, the site is large, but the quality is weak, very weak, any Muslim with knowledge who reads their articles concerning Islam will see their ignorance of the Islamic religion, while when reading their defense of their own faith one will notice the very inconsistent illogical answers they give. Having said all that Answering-Islam cannot be classified as a respectful site, many of the authors including the owner are very disrespectful towards Muslims especially their premier writer Sam Shamoun.


Was Ahmed Deedat Punished

The End of Answering Islam



Sam Shamoun

Islamic issues, responds to Shamoun's claims against Islam:

Is Muhammad a Prophet Series, Examining 6 arguments laid out by Sam Shamoun to try and disprove Muhammad as a true prophet of God:

Argument number one , Argument TwoArgument ThreeArgument Four, Argument Five


The Kaabah in Islam, a great Idol?

Debate Challenge to Shamoun

Open Challenges to Shamoun

Shamoun's Inconsistency on Morals

the last prophet

Allah is not the true God?

Shamoun and Tawheed- addressing Shamoun's arguments against Islamic monotheism

Is Allah an Evil Deceiver?

Allah Adam and the angels

Bowing to Adam and Joseph, was it Worship?

The Quran and Paul- Does the Quran actually affirm Paul as is claimed?

Jesus in the Quran

Is Jesus the Most Exalted according to Islam

Jesus and Adam- is there a Contradiction?

Is Jesus the most Superior
- according to Islam

The Unlettered Prophet- Jesus or Muhammad (AS)

Statements on Wine- is there a contradiction

Fairytales and Fables- is the Quran filled with fables and fairytales?

Do Messengers Eat- addressing a contradiction

The Day of Congretation- what is the day of Congregation?

The Prophet Muhammad and Mary the Copt- analyses the prophets marriage to Mariya the copt (Round 2)(Round 2 b) (Round 4) (Round 5)

The assasinations of Abu Afak and Asma- did the prophet Muhammad assasinate them because they simply spoke against him?

Who Antagonized Whom- who started the problems, the Muslims or the Pagans?

The Prophets Marriage to Safiyyah- analyses the prophets Marriage to Safiyyah, was it a crime?

The Prophets Marriage with Safiyyah revisited- part two of the above discussion

The Prophet and his Enemies- are the hadiths which mention the pagans high regard for the prophet Muhammad false?

Divine Decree

Does the Quran deny that the prophet Muhammad could perform Miracles?

Prophet Muhammads Prophecies (Part 2) (Part 3)- a three part rebuttal which adresses the prophet Muhammad's supposed false prophecies

Incest and Sodomy- does Islam condone such acts?

Prophet Muhammad and his Wives: 

The Age of Marriage in Islam- is there a contradiction?

Is Allah the best of Deceivers: http://muslim-responses.com/deception

Is Allah an Exalted Woman: http://muslim-responses.com/exalted_woman

The Punishment of Sexual Immorality in Islam- is there a contradiction?

The Holy Spirit in Islam- who is the Holy Spirit in Islam

Thaub and Mirt- did the prophet Muhammad wear Aisha's clothing? Part 2  Part 3

 The Belief of Pagan Arabs- did the Quran get their beliefs wrong

Sam Shamoun and Tawheed, educating a confused Missionary   Part 2: Are there problems with Islamic Monotheism? Part 3

Is Allah the Only Judgehttp://muslim-responses.com/is_allah_the_only_judge

Does Allah act alone

Allah the Inheritor

Do Muslims pray to the prophet Muhammad (Part 2)

Obeying the Prophet Muhammad- does obeying the prophet Muhammad mean he is another god?

The issue of Tawassul- adresses Shamoun's arguments regarding the Islamic concept of Tawassul


Christian Issues, responds to Shamoun's attempted defense of Christianity:

The Father Never called Jesus God

Is the Messiah God? Does the Jewish Bible teach this?

Isa the Messiah

 (Part 2)

Is Jesus Equal with God?

Did the believers around Jesus believe him to be God in the Gospel of John?

No Jew believed in the Trinity- Is a continuation of the above topic

Did Thomas call Jesus God?- My Lord and My God

Is Jesus God because he sends Prophets?/

Is Jesus Equal with God, should we Worship him?

 The Angel of the Lord is still not God- Is Jesus the angel of the Lord, and is the angel of the Lord God? Re-examined

Isaiah 6 and the Oneness of God- Shows how the Missionary miserably failed in showing Isaiah 6 teaches a Trinity

Obeying the Law- Discusses the issues of following the Old Testement Law

Salvation According to Jesus

Lord Jesus- Is Jesus God because he is called Lord?

Why didnt Jesus say I am God

The Father the Only True God, not Jesus

Is Jesus God because he sends Prophets?

The Angel of The Lord, is He God?

Paul and the Law

Paul and Jesus on Salvation

The Gospel of Jesus- What is the Gospel of Jesus and who are Jesus' true followers?

The Authenticity of the Bible according to the Quran, Corrupt or Uncorrupt?

part one: The Quran on the Bible 1A ::: Part 1B ::::: Part 1C


Kab al Ashraf


The Prophets Death

The Sources of Islam

The Killing of Kinana- Ws he tortured and ruthlessly murdered as claimed?

Jochen Katz & other writers

Muslims must Rationally Reject the Bible- According to Answering-Islam

Silencing Their Propaganda

The Jinn Challenge

The True Shahada revisited

Leaving Islam because of Violence? Confusing the Bible with Islam!

The Quran and the Bible- Comparing both books, a response to missionary Samuel Green

How many Mothers did Jesus have?- A Jochen Katz style argument

Abraham and the Sun- A Quranic inconsistency regarding Abraham's worship of the Sun?

The Quran or the New Testament: Which Advocates Anti-Semitism towards the Jews?

The Wealth of the Prophet Muhammad- A rebuttal to missionary James Arlandson who tries to argue that the prophet Muhammad (AS) was a man after money. This is a great rebuttal which shows the shallow scholarship of answering-Islam.

Jihad: an oppresive war or a just war of defence?

Does Christianity offer any hope for Muslims?

Should Muslims rationally reject Islam?

Jihad VS wars of the Bible

A Muslim-Christian dialog

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