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Responding to criticism of the Blessed Prophet

The Challenge- Can anti-Islamic apologists who oppose prophet Muhammad meet these challenges?

Marriage with Aisha

The Destruction of Banu Qurayza

Did the Prophet Muhammad create Islam for power and money?

Jesus on Miracles- Shows how Jesus rebuked those who always asked for miracles and wouldnt believe in him without one, very much the same as present day Christians who always demand a miracle from the prophet Muhammad.

The Bible and False prophets- Examines whethor the prophet Muhammad is actually deemed as a false prophet according to the Bible.

Marriage with Safiyyah

The Satanic Verses

The Satanic Verses Revisited, Part 2

Was he a Pagan

The Fatrah- Discusses the Fatrah period during the early prophethood of Muhammad, analyzes the reliablity of the reports that the prophet Muhammad contemplated suicide.

Yafoor- Did the prophet talk with a donkey named yafoor?

Black Magic on the Prophet

If the prophet Muhammad was wrong for doing polygamy, then what about Solomon and his 700 wives?!

Camel Urine as Medicine?

I have been commanded to fight until they take the Shahada- Did the prophet want to fight people until they converted to Islam?

Miracles and Prophecies

Miracles of prophet Muhammad

For Arabs or Mankind

The Sleeping Posture- The amazing Sunnah of the Prophet concerning the sleeping posture which biology concurs with!

Prophet Muhammad's Prophecies

The Miracle with Milk

The Prophets Noble Character and high morals

No killing women and children

Power nor money could get the prophet Muhammad away from the truth- article shows how the prophet Muhammad rejected a pagan offer for power and money in return of him ending his call for the truth of Islam

The Final Sermon

Interesting Hadiths on the Prophet

Prophet Muhammad's Modest Character- An Example for all of us to follow

The Generosity of the Prophet Muhammad

Before and After

The Fruits of the Prophet Muhammad

A Muslim-Christian dialog
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