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26th February, 2009:

On today's update an in depth article on Jihad in Islam is added. We also examine whether the prophet Muhammad created Islam for his own personal desires, to get power and money: Did the prophet Muhammad create Islam for power and money?


25th February, 2009:

An audio commentary regarding how the Bible uses rape as a weapon is added today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-c7VzBRLH4&feature=channel_page, it's basically an expansion of the article added on the last update.


19th February, 2009:

On today's update we give the reason as to Why the Bible Offends Muslims. We also expose how The Bible uses Rape as a Weapon, and ask the Christians how they feel about this. Solomon and his 700 Wives examines whether God condemned Solomon for having 700 wives or not, we cite the very same passages Christians bring up in which God supposedly attacks Solomon for marrying so many wives. Lastly a rebuttal is also added to Nabeel Qureshi who claims that Sharia calls for immodest women to be burned, is this claim true, does it have any basis, or did Nabeel get confused with his own Bible, read and find out: Does Sharia call for the burning of immodest women?

I also urge all readers to visit brother Bassam Zawadi's latest site updates on http://www.call-to-monotheism.com/ where he has some excellent new articles concerning the Bible's authenticity, as well as the issue of whether Islam calls for slaves to be raped.


February 3rd, 2009:

Quite a few articles are updated for today, starting with two rebuttals to David Wood. Did Muslims steal Makkah? responds to Wood's appeal of 'freeing' Makkah, we examine whether Makkah is need of being 'freed' and if Makkah was ever stolen or occupied in the first place. Did the Prophet Muhammad Legislate according to his Desire? is a rebuttal by Sheikh Jalal Abualrub against the claims of David Wood in which he asserts the prophet Muhammad simply made decisions on what he though and 'remembered'. We also have two articles concerning Jesus, starting with The Death of Jesus which examines the way Jesus was killed according to the Bible, and examines whether Christians will now attack his death due to their obssesion of attacking the way the prophet Muhammad died. Who really Hates Jesus examines who truly insults and hates Jesus, the Quran, or the Bible? The Muslims, or the Christians? And here is an article I'm sure many of you will like: Christians Worship Shawarma!, just click and see. Lastly a previous article that we had updated has been slightly revised with additional info: Christian usage of Muhammad Sven, Muhammad sven is the 'Muslim' who claims that the prophet Muhammad never existed, well the new revised article has additional info on what else he believes, info that Christians wont enjoy.


January 29th, 2009:

The debate between myself and Dr. James White is now availible to watch, Jesus: Prophet of Islam, or Divine Son of God: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=kKjIKeE1CvE&feature=channel_page


January 27th, 2009:

Two articles are added for today's update, starting with the Top 10 Missionary Tactics, the article highlights the most common tactics that the Christian missionaries use to try and trick the Muslims into leaving Islam and following Christianity. We also have a response to Dr. Jame White, which is a response to a brief commentary he made concerning his recent debate with the well known scholar Bart Erhman, Sir, Please Respect the Audience exposes Dr. White's inconsistent debate tactic of bringing the Quran up during a discussion that had nothing to do with the Quran!


January 19th, 2008:

On today's update we have a testimony of  Rashad the Assyrian, a convert to Islam, ameen!


January 13th, 2009:

On today's update The Problem of 1 John 5:7 is discussed, the article highlights the problem with the Bible's textual integrity as well as the authenticity of the Trinity itself.


January 5th, 2009:

On today's update we expound on The Generosity of the Prophet Muhammad. We also examine the Christian usage of Muhammad Sven, Sven is the German 'Muslim' who made the thesis that the prophet Muhammad never existed!

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