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I have created a seperate site which now speficially deals with Islamic doctrines and beliefs: http://thecreedofislam.wordpress.com/ be sure to check this website out for the information.



Tawheed the Core of Islam

Allahs Oneness

Why does Allah say We

Does Allah Pray

Allah the True God

The Attributes of Allah

Allah's Love

Prophets In Islam

Jesus in Islam

All Prophets Preached Islam

Jesus' return in Islam- Christians often try to claim that Jesus even according to Islam is superior to the prophet Muhammad due to the fact that Islam teaches Jesus' return, yet what the Christian leaves out is what Jesus will do!

Was the Islamic Jesus a failure?

The Message of Jesus according to Islam- Christians often claim that the Islamic message of Jesus makes no sense as his people were already monotheists.

Islamic beliefs

The Islamic Creed- Lists 100 core fundamental beliefs of the Muslim, fundamental beliefs which make the Islamic doctrine, and the correct creed.

What is Islam?- Discusses what Islam is, and what it stands upon.

the Jinn

the Jinn part 2

The Virgin Birth 

The Holy Spirit in Islam 

The Holy Spirit- further supplement to the above article

The Last Messenger

Pre Destination

Shirk- The unforgivable sin in Islam.

The Testimony of Faith- the article discusses the shahada, which is the testimony of faith, what it means, how it should be followed, and what contradicts it. It is essential for Muslims to properly understand this topic.

The Difference between Islam and Christianity

A Muslim-Christian dialog

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