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Son of God and Messiah

Jesus is not God, and God is not Jesus, an identification of who God is according to the Bible

John 1:1 Examined

What the Believers thought about Jesus in the Gospel of John- Did the believers take Jesus as God or a prophet in the most Christological Gospel?

What did they Believe?- Another article showing that the eyewitnesses around Jesus didnt believe he was God

The Three Wise Men and Jesus- Did the famous three wise men who visited Jesus as a baby believe him to be God?

Did Joseph believe in the Divinity of his adopted son?- Did Joseph believe that his adopted son was God?

Jesus is a Sinner according to the Nicene Creed

The Blind man and Jesus- Yet another eyewitness who didnt believe that Jesus was God

Jesus has a God

God who is above Jesus

My Lord and My God- An examination of Doubting Thomas' statement

God is God and Man is Man

Jesus in the Bible

Examining the Miracles of Jesus- Do the miracles of Jesus prove that he is divine? Such as raising the dead, healing the blind and the deaf.

The Son of Man

The Evolution of Jesus

Forgiving sins Is Jesus God because he forgave sins?

Is Jesus God because he Judges people?

Did Jesus claim to be God due to Jewish accusations of Blasphemy?- Did Jesus actually claim to be God, or did the Pharisees lie?

Is Jesus God because he gives eternal life?

Is Jesus God due to miracles being worked in his name?

When is Jesus Man and when is he God?

Can we see God

Is Job God

The Father is Greater- Is Jesus actually equal to the Father?

Is Jesus really Sinless

Honouring Jesus- Is Jesus to be Honoured EXACTLY as the Father?

10 Reasons

Would you take this man as God

Does God Beget

Using Logic and Reason

What about Melchisedec

Does God make you Unclean

Not in My Name

The Circumcised God

Was Jesus God according to Mary

Should we pray to Jesus

The God that fled

What did Jesus first preach

Human Sacrifice

The Tolerance of Jesus

The Holy Spirit VS Jesus

Are the Apostle God Is Jesus God because he forgave sins?

Jesus the Deceiver

Barnabas is God

Is Prophet Daniel God

Jesus and Baptism- More proof that Jesus was a Sinner

Is Jesus the Mighty God?- Examining Isaiah 9:6

Did David call the Messiah God?- Psalms 110:1 examined

Did the Father call Jesus God?

Is Jesus the Angel of the Lord?- And is the Angel of the Lord God?

Is the angel healer God?- Is the angel God just because it healed people as Jesus did?

We are all divine according to Christian logic- Christians claim that since Jesus called himself the Heir, he must be unique, and divine. Does this logic stand?

The Death of Jesus- Christians often like to attack the way the prophet Muhammad died, lets now turn the tables on Jesus.

The God who grew in Wisdom?

The Dual Natures of Jesus

Isaiah 7 and Jesus, clear evidence against the divinity of Christ

Jesus the God man?

Isaiah 53 and Jesus

Did Jesus always exist?

Pauline Theology

Is Jesus God according to the Writings of Paul? (Part 2) An extensive two part article that shows how Jesus is NOT God according to the writings of Paul.

The Opponents of Paul, first Century differences in early Christianity- A must read article for the truth seeker, the article examines and reveals how there were other Christians during the time of Paul who rejected and disagreed with him, as well as preaching a different message! And these were Christians!

Are the writings of Paul the inspired Word of God?

Jesus VS Paul

Peace or no Peace

Paul and the First Commandment

Dont worship the creation!

By Faith Alone

Paul on Divorce

Paul on Marriage

Did he really meet Jesus

Prisoner of Christ

The Jews Killed Jesus

Pauls blunder- Shows how Paul was wrong concerning the End times.

Paul and the Jewish Law

Christian and Pagan beliefs-See how a major Christian saint and Church father states that Christian beliefs which were introduced by Paul are exactly the same as Pagan beliefs!

Paul VS the Disciples

Paul and Circumcision

Paul and Animal Offerings

Did Paul meet Satan

Paul the False Prophet

Paul the false Prophet according to the Bible

Paul the Liar

General Christian Theological Issues:

Top 10 Missionary tactics- brings up the top 10 tactics which missionaries apply on Muslims to try and convert them to Christianity

Yahweh the Deceiver and Misguider

Is Yahweh's love uncondtional?

Yahweh: the God who ignores repentance

 The Lords Prayer

The Parable of the Vineyard and God's ignorance- This article demonstrates how the parable of the vineyard shows the God of the Bible to be ignorant, as well as incompetent and not fit enough to be God!

The Sin that Defeats Jesus

Can God do anything and is he everywhere?

John 3:16 examined- one of the most fundamental and used verse for Christianity, but does it add up?

Yahweh: The God who keeps people blind so he can Destroy them

Christianity Teaches

How Christians should treat unbelievers according to the New Testament

Are you saved by faith alone?- Christians often attack Islam because Islam claims that one has to have good works to be saved, but is attack justified when one examines the Bible on this issue?

Can Christians Befriend None-Believers?

Jesus over the Poor- Shows how Jesus got special treatment, treatment that could have helped the poor instead!

No Original Sin

Saint Peter condemns the God of the Bible

Does God Love all

How Islam improves on Christianity

Christianity Not a way of Life

Christianity and Paganism

The Doctrine of Love

Christian Paradise is Physical- Contrary to many Christian claims about their paradise being spiritual only, Jesus said otherwise.

Salvation through Sacrifice Only?

Repent, but to what? - How people could repent and be saved without any sacrifice on the Cross

Forgiving sins witout blood or sacrifice- Another problem for the theology of the Cross

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