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I would first like to start off by greeting those who visit this page, and I do hope that you the reader shall enjoy the truthful information on this website. Well who am I? My name is Sami Zaatari, some people may already know me from my work on the Answering-Christianity website, however so I do not agree with everything on Answering-Christianity and not every view and writing on the AC website reflects my own view or belief, but these are very limited to only a few cases, and it is the Sunnah to have disagreements with each other. As you may already know I am a Muslim, and a very proud Muslim, I say without a doubt that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is his final messenger. I do not comprimise on my faith nor on my God, if I see a lie I will expose it, and that is what this site is all about, refuting the lies against Islam. At the same time this site also seeks to raise some objections against Christianity, and the Bible. But we do not do this as a result of hate or to simply insult, no we do this to seek the truth and so that we may all come to an understanding of each other and be guided to the straight path, and that is what we all want.

I do not hate Christians, and I have many Christian friends, so I hope our Christian readers will not come to this site thinking that this site is meant to personally attack or insult them. I simply call upon our Christian readers to read the information that is being presented before them with an open mind, not holding any biasness nor irrationality, since that will be of no use to any of us. I am not demanding that Christians accept Islam, nor am I demanding that Christians leave Christianity, I am not a missionary as some call me, if you choose to be a Christian that is fine with me, I will not hold it against you. All I ask is that you read the information being put before you with an honest heart, and an open heart, and whatever choice you make is yours, and that is all I ask for.

And may we all be guided! Ameen!

A Muslim-Christian dialog
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