David Wood, the Epitome of a Christian Islamophobic Coward

Sami Zaatari


Most recently Christian Islamophobe David Wood has decided to ?black-list' me; you can read about his black-list blog on this link:


Basically Wood's black-list is as follows (in his own words):

Well, I doubt you'll be having anymore debates with Nabeel. I'm going to ask him, and every other apologist I know, to stop debating you until you grow up and learn how to communicate without insulting everyone. (You still get to debate Sam, though.) You are now officially on Nadir Ahmed status. See how far you get when you've been blacklisted. Have fun writing articles for your website.

Indeed you just have to laugh at this Islamophobic clown, for starters Wood seems to think that he's the only Christian debater out there, or that he knows every single apologist, Wood seems to think that he's the pope! What's more funny is that a debate series we had planned for April has been cancelled, why? Well we have put Wood in his place, you see as I said, Wood thought he was a hot shot, yet I know every Muslim debater he had plans to debate with, so we did the same thing that Wood did, we black-listed him, and now Wood has no one to debate at all.

In fact this Islamophobic clown even writes:

He has single-handedly ended two series of debates in March and April, and he has said that he will convince Shabir Ally never to debate me.

It seems that Wood is disappointed, what did you think Wood? Did you think you were a hot shot? Did you think that if you black-listed me you would be free to go and debate as you please? Well I think you must think again, because that's not going to happen anytime soon, indeed the April debate series have been cancelled due to your own initiation of a black-listing, which I returned in kind.

Now some may ask why did this coward decide to black-list me? Well the explanation is almost laughable, this Islamophobe claims I am insulting and rude towards him and his religion! The irony! This Islamophobic clown who insults the Islamic religion and Muslim people none stop wants to talk about being rude and insultive?!

Notice all this Islamophobe has down is expose his own hypocrisy and double standards, he feels it's okay for him and his Islamophobic friends to attack Islam and the Muslims, yet when the same is given back to them, in their own style, then they cry foul play! Indeed Wood, when I deal with cowards and hypocrites as yourself I give you the same as you give to others, however when I deal with well mannered people there is a different way in which I talk and address them, you my friend do not come under that category, you are a bigoted hater, and hence I treat you as such.

Indeed what makes this all the more amusing is when David writes:

Have fun writing articles for your website.

He's trying to take a cheap shot at me here, trying to put me down, yet all he does is expose his own idiocy. David, let me fill you in on something, ok? Please pay attention: I AM A WRITER! Did you get that? So when you tell me to enjoy writing articles for my site, I say thank you, I love writing articles for my site, and on top of that my degree is in the field of literature and writing! Writing is my main area, debates are only a side thing for me, not the main area of my work, in point of fact Wood I do not have a debate fetish as yourself, you are the one who is debating every month, yet I only debate 2wice every 3-4 months! It is your miserable career that relies on debates, not mines, and your miserable career just got worst because the Muslims you had planned to debate, are working with me, and they will have nothing to do with you in the future.

So what does this all say? It just shows you the level of hypocrisy within certain crusading Christians, and it also shows you that these Islamophobes are cowards, when they cannot debate or defeat you, they simply want to silence you, yet too bad for Wood he can never silence me or my work.

And Allah certainly knows Best!