Why Didn't Jesus say I am God?


By Sami Zaatari




Missionary Sam Shamoun has tried to respond to this common question which is often posed to Christians, which is "Why didn't Jesus ever say I Am God?" if he was God?!


Shamoun has come out with the worst reasons as to why Jesus said no such thing, and it is that to which I shall be refuting.


For starters this article proves Shamoun is a liar, because if you listen to our debate you will see that I asked this exact same question to Shamoun, rather than admitting it during the debate that no such verse existed, he went on for 2 hours non stop saying he will bring me the verse! You can hear it for yourself, in fact I had to remind him to bring me this verse since the debate kept going on and I was still waiting for this challenge to be met and it never was! Hence thank you Sam, thanks for showing everyone that you are a liar, and that you lied in the debate to deceive Muslims and Christians who don't know the Bible, because by Shamoun saying I will bring the verse this may have made a few Muslims and Christians who don't know the Bible actually believe that such a verse exists, they will simply take Shamoun's word for it and Shamoun knew this, this is what you call missionary tactics, they are liars by nature and all they do is put on a show for you.


Shamoun's very own colleague wrote a review of our debate, and concerning this point this is what he wrote:


Nevertheless, Shamoun did say that he would answer Zaatari's challenge to bring forth an explicit reference of Jesus, but never got around to it. Thus I gave Zaatari a pearl for that. (http://answeringislam.net/Authors/Wildcat/shamoun_zaatari_debate.htm)


So notice, even Shamoun's own friend admits that Shamoun said he would meet my challenge of EXPLICITLY bringing a verse where Jesus says I am God, but now in this new article Shamoun is arguing as to why Jesus never said such a thing! Hence Sam was lying, thank you.


Now with all of this said, let us respond to Shamoun's ?reasons' as to why Jesus never said I am God (which proves he is not God!):


The simple answer as to why Jesus didn't simply come out and say, "I am God" is because of the confusion this would have caused the Jews living at that time.


This is perhaps the worst answer Shamoun could have though off, little does he know that by giving such a response he is simply causing more problems for his own non-existent faith! Shamoun claims Jesus said no such thing because the Jews would be confused, however so people to this day are still confused if we want to use Shamoun's criteria! According to Shamoun, he believes I alongside every other Muslim and Jew are confused lost souls, hence what was the point of Jesus sparing a few Jews at his time which meant that he would confuse billions of other people in the next generations which comes all the way down to 2007!


People to this day say Jesus is not God because he never claimed it, hence if Jesus didn't want to create confusion then it seems that tactic backfired really badly because there seems to be more confused people today than there were in his time! This alone proves Jesus is not God, since he would've known this fact in his time since God is all-knowing, so thank you Sam your reason is actually a refutation to your own belief!


Secondly notice Shamoun says the Jews would have been confused, now we must ask ourselves why would the Jews become confused? Well, the thought that God becomes a man is just absurd! So why would God ever even think of making things so complicating and confusing for them?! This sounds like a strange God to me, God knows his people, so will God do the most confusing thing for them, or will he do something simple and easy for them to understand? The answer is very clear, it seems Christians have the most confusing and complicated beliefs and the reason why its so complicating and confusing is because its all blasphemy and made up! Christians say 3=1, they say the all powerful becomes a baby, they say God dies for our sin, and on it goes, everything is confusing, everything makes no sense with rationality, and how does the Christian respond? It's all a mystery!


The only problem is that we do not have a record of him actually saying it, at least during his earthly ministry. But not having a written record of Christ telling his followers that he is God exactly in those words is not the same as saying that he never made this assertion,


This is too funny, I really am laughing, I seek refuge from the shaytan from his blasphemy! Shamoun, if no such statement exists why did you lie to me and the audience then that such a verse exists and that you would bring it?


Secondly, notice how silly Shamoun's argument is, he claims ah yes maybe Jesus did say I am God, but his disciples just didn't feel like recording it or didn't bother writing it down!!!!! Are we really to believe such junk? That such a powerful statement by Jesus would not be recorded down by his most loved and followed disciples?!


Thirdly, we can very easily use Shamoun's evidence against him, I can clearly make arguments saying Jesus said the prophet Muhammad will be after me, that Islam will be the true religion, I can make all these arguments, and a Christian cant say that's false because the Bible says no such thing, I will simply say hey just because its not recorded down doesn't mean it wasn't said! I am using the missionaries own weak argument against him! Indeed it is amazing as to how far a blasphemous idolater will go to defend such corrupt beliefs.


What makes this more amazing is Shamoun actually twists his own Bible to back this statement up, he quotes these two verses:


"Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name." John 20:30-31

"Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written." John 21:25

Anyone who knows how to read will clearly see the verses are saying that Jesus PERFORMED MANY THINGS AND MIRACLES which aren't recorded, it says nothing about making statements! So Shamoun is guilty of twisting his own Bible, since the verses don't say many statements were made by Jesus which we left out, rather they say miracles and deeds were left out!

And lets not play games please, Shamoun himself knows that Jesus NEVER uttered any statement, he himself knows that had Jesus ever said such a thing every single Gospel writer would record it, he knows this, I know this, and so does everyone else, let us not play games please.

Shamoun then writes:

More importantly, this erroneously assumes that the only way that the Lord Jesus, or even the NT writers for that matter, could ever identify himself as God is by using this exact phrase. We say this is erroneous since Christ's Divinity is not based on him having to say, "I am God."

When they can't answer, they go off topic, what is more amazing is that Shamoun is committing a red-herring to his own topic and article! Shamoun is now saying just because Jesus never said such a statement doesn't mean he can't prove he is God by other ways! Yet that's a different topic altogether! And even if we did want to go to that topic you would still lose, because I would refute every argument you have from Jesus saying I AM to John 1:1!

Shamoun ends his article by saying:

Hopefully, this sufficiently answers the question for all those honestly seeking the truth by God's grace.

I am afraid you have not sufficiently answered the question at all, and it is you who is not an honest seeker because we have seen that you are a liar! You now claim no verse exists, yet in our debate you say it does and you will bring it, hence you're a liar. Not only that, you had to twist your own Bible! So let's not kid ourselves, you're just a missionary, making propaganda work, and you have nothing with the truth, you are like a salesman trying to sell a product and a very bad product, and it must be said you are a very bad salesman and I would like to speak with your manager Jochen Katz and file a complaint! 

And Allah Knows Best!