Using Reason and Logic


By Sami Zaatari





This article shall be quite different than the many others where we clearly prove that Jesus is not God, in this article we will simply use our rational senses and logic. There will be no need to quote verses after verse to make it clear that Jesus is not God.


So then, shall we use our senses? Shall we use logic, and think rationally? Before you the reader starts reading I want you to agree with me, that you will use your brain, logic, and rationality when you read the rest of the article, if not then do not bother reading at all, and I am referring to the Christian here. Please leave your biasness at the door, and enter the room with objectivity, and ready to use rationality, agreed? Good.


Now a common point that both us Muslims and Christians can agree on is that God is all powerful, he is not weak, feeble, nor is he dependant on others, rather it is us humans and other creations who are in need of him. We are both in agreement in this, and anyone who is not in agreement with this should consult the Quran and the Bible and they will see this for themselves.


So since we have this point cleared, we can move on to the main point. So to the Christians I ask you this, do you really believe that God came out of a womb? That God came out of a womb covered in blood, shaking, and crying?


Think of this, do you really believe that? Do you believe the all mighty and all powerful God came out in such a state? Is that not a paradox? How can God be all powerful yet he comes out as a tiny weak baby who is crying and shaking? However so forget the paradox, just think of this situation, that the all mighty powerful God, the God who created me and you, and the sun, and the moon, and the heavens and all that is around us, this God came out of a womb shivering and covered in blood?!


Now let us move on, let us move on to the after-birth, when the baby is a few days old, do you really believe that God was once a tiny small baby, who needed to be breast fed?! Do you believe God used to be a tiny baby who would fall asleep as babies do?! Do you believe God was a tiny baby who sometimes cries in the middle of the night?! Remember, God is the all powerful, the all mighty, do not forget this.


Do you know the skin of a new born baby is very soft, the bones have not even formed, for instance, do you know if you were to slightly push on a babies head with your finger alone that it would actually cause the babies head to cave in at the specific pressure point, this is how weak a baby is, and you believe this is God?


Look at the babies hand, and feet, look how small and tiny they are, do you believe this is God? Look at how the baby eats, with food falling from its mouth and making a mess, do you believe this is God?! Also as we all know, babies also wet themselves; do you believe God used to wet himself?! Please, use your rationality and logic, do you not realize these grave insults you are ascribing to the all mighty creator?! Do not start giving me a sermon neither quoting 100 verses from your Bible, as I said USE YOUR LOGIC, forget the books, use your God given brain which he gave you to think logically and rationally.


Let us move on, a baby now grows up to be a teenager, and during this age the human begins to get his sexual hormones up, and starts to have sexual feelings, this is just how the body works, and this is biology, the body wants to mate. So are you telling me when God reached that age that he began to have his sexual hormones raging?!


Now other things that are in our human nature is sleep, and when we sleep we have dreams, good and bad ones. Are you telling me, that God had nightmares?! Nightmares about what? As we all know, there will be at least one time in our life where we will have such a bad dream it will wake us up in fear and sweat. Are you telling me God once had such a bad dream that he woke up sweating and in fear?!


I could go on and on, but this should do, this should make you think and ponder what you actually say, and if it does not then you can never be helped I'm afraid. If you think that God went through all of the above, then you are without a doubt a very lost soul, and a soul who is in deep trouble for the hereafter, because God will not allow such insults to be ascribed to him, he is merciful in this life that he at least gives you the free will to say what you want, but make no mistake that justice will be served in the hereafter, and this is something that every non-Muslim should really ponder because it is not a game at all.


I am not trying to sound harsh or rude, nor am I trying to be mean, I am just being honest with you, and I am simply giving the hard truth, and deep down you know it is the truth, you just need someone like me to break it down for you and tell it to you like it is. So therefore I am hoping that the Christians who read this do come to rationality. I end this article with a verse from the mighty and magnificent Noble Quran:


YUSUFALI: Glory to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne (of Authority)! (He is free) from the things they attribute (to him)!