Refuting Some of Matt Slick's Trinity Analogies

Sami Zaatari


Sometime ago I had written an article using logic which proved that Trinitarians do in fact worship three Gods, in the article I also addressed one common analogy Christians bring up to try and make sense of the Trinity, I recommend that readers read that article first then continue with this one.


In this article will continue to refute some more common analogies brought up to make sense of the Trinity, many Muslims may have fell for these deceptive analogies in the past, but when one really looks carefully at the analogy and what Trinity is one will then see the analogies are a distortion of what Trinity is and what Trinitarians actually believes in.


Let us now move on to some of Matt Slick's analogies:


Time is past, present, and future. There are not three times



That is true, but is that Trinity? What Matt Slick does not tell his reader is that time is MADE UP OF past, present, and future. The past alone is not time, nor is the present alone, time is made up these 3 separate time frames.


However so, Christians say that Jesus IS God, they say that the Father IS God, we however do not say that the past IS time, we say the past is PART OF TIME.


Christians never ever say that Jesus is simply part of God, if you ask any Christian is Jesus God, they will not reply by saying ?No Jesus is part of God' rather they will respond by saying ?Yes Jesus is God'.


Matt Slick's analogy would only work had Trinitarians gone around saying Jesus is part of God, that the Father is part of God, and that the Holy Spirit is part of God. Rather Christians say Jesus IS God, the Father IS God and so on, and since Jesus is not the Father and the Father is not Jesus, what you have is two Gods!


So yes Matt is correct, we do not have three times but one time, since the past alone is not time, nor is the present alone time, rather the past present and future MAKE UP TIME. Does Matt Slick say that Jesus alone is not God? By that I mean does Matt Slick or any other Christian say that the person Jesus is not God? Do they say he is PART OF God or do they say he IS God?


No Christian would ever dare say that Jesus the individual person is not God, but rather he is part of/makes up God, they would never dare say such a thing and in fact no Christian ever does! For proof of this go ask any Christian is Jesus God? See what their response is, see whether they say that yes Jesus is God, or no Jesus is part of God.


If Trinitarians such as Matt Slick believe in these analogies, then they should stop claiming that Jesus IS God, and they should stop responding to Muslim inquiries by saying yes Jesus IS God, they should rather start saying Jesus makes up God and is part of God. Sadly I do not think any Christians will use this approach since they know it is damaging and hurts them. In fact to prove my point, visit this section of Matt Slick's site where he is so intent on proving that Jesus IS God rather than prove that Jesus is part of God:


I rest my case, it is three Gods!


And Allah Knows Best!


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