12,000 Islamic attacks since 9/11?




As many of you may (not) know there is an anti-Islamic website which titles itself as:




The site claims to document all 'Islamic' terror attacks since 9/11, and the current number according to them is 12,078.


Now if anyone visits the site and checks their list of attacks one will notice an obvious problem, an obvious problem which Islamophobes and anti-Islamics readily ignore. This major problem is that 95%-99% of the attacks they list on a daily basis HAVE NO AUTHENTICATION!


Basically all they do is say something like this:


3 people shot to death by Islamic extremists outside a mosque in Kabul.


And when you ask for the SOURCE or any secondary source you won't be able to find none! I have emailed the site on several occasions demanding they give authentic secondary sources to back their claims up, and as usual they never respond back and remain silent.


If I made a site called the religionoflove.com, and gave a daily list of attacks being carried out by Christians with no verification, and no other secondary authentic proven sources then nobody would believe me. The Christians would all say where is the proof, your just making this all up etc. Yet when it comes to the Muslims these same Islamophobic Christians will have NO PROBLEM in accepting statements and supposed events with NO SHRED OF SECONDARY AUTHENTIC SOURCES!


So the reality is this my friends, I guarantee you that most of these supposed attacks the site lists are FAKE, and are all MADE UP. If they want to prove me wrong then it will be very easy for them, simply provide the news link and secondary AUTHENTIC sources to back each attack up, something they will never do because they know they are making most of it up!


Just visit my Christian terrorism section on this site:




You will see for each attack I bring up I provide THE SOURCE for proof of authentication! I always provide a secondary link from where I am getting my information from. Such a thing does not exist on the religionofpeace.com; all they do is provide lists of attacks with no verification and no actual news link to back their claims up!


So in conclusion the reality is this, most of the attacks that the religionofpeace.com list are fake, made up, and have never happened. Only people who are blind will accept the list because of their deep hate for Islam and the Muslims, so they won't care if the story has no authentic and secondary sources, they are so blinded they will just accept anything and take it.


I urge all my readers to spread THIS article around so people can know the reality and truth behind the shoddy Islamophobic website.


And Allah Knows Best!