The End of Answering-Islam


By Sami Zaatari




Indeed after many years of rubbish propaganda and anti-Islamic material answering-Islam have finally run out of their Holy Spirit steam. After being thoroughly crushed by several rebuttals by Bassam Zawadi, Karim, Abdullah Smith, Umar, and myself (not to mention Nadir Ahmed, Jalal Abualrub, as well as Osama Abdullah) the answering-Islam team have basically run out of arguments!


You see folks when me, Bassam, Karim, and Umar began writing and refuting Answering-Islam's garbage we set out with a plan, that we would refute every single major argument and article they have, and we have done this, Bassam put the nail in the coffin when he completely destroyed Sam Shamoun on whether the Quran confirms the Bible's authenticity. This was the last remaining argument that was not answered well enough, and thanks to brother Bassam Zawadi this argument has now been thrown in the trash bin alongside several other arguments which have been propagated by these group of desperate missionaries.


If one were to now visit answering-Islam and view their what's new section one will find that Jochen Katz and his pets are releasing the same articles, only they are written a bit differently! How desperate can you get? To re-release the same material but to only word it differently as to make it seem new! Not only have they resorted to this sad tactic, their new articles which does include what you can call new material is so laughable that I would bet you that answering-Islam don't even believe what their writing!


So what is next for answering-Islam? Well they know they are finished, and they know they have failed in their mission, they have let their Holy Spirit down, because not only have they not managed to stop Islam or cause an exodus of mass conversion, rather their efforts have had a completely reverse reaction. As a result of answering-Islam they have managed to help create several new Muslim apologists to defend the religion! But answering-Islam's humiliation does not end there, no, there is more! Islam continues to be the fastest growing religion in the west, while Christianity continues to fall! Yes, Churches in the west are rapidly closing down, Church attendances are near empty, while on the reverse side Mosques are on the rise, Mosque attendances are at all time high, and Muslim zeal for their faith and religion is at an all time high as well.


I have challenged answering-Islam's main representative Sam Shamoun for another round of debate dealing with the prophet Muhammad's prophethood and the topic of terrorism, being the coward he is he did not even bother to reply back. But can you blame him? He has already been crushed by Shabir Ally, Nadir Ahmed, as well as myself back in April 2006 so you can excuse the missionary for getting a 4th beating in a row.


So answering-Islam face it, you have lost, and you have lost very badly, your efforts have been in vain and have met failure, you will never be able to defeat Islam, or the Muslims, while we Muslims on the other hand have always been victorious against your ideological crusade against us, and long may it continue!


And Allah Knows best!