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The Challenge


By Sami Zaatari




There is no doubt that the prophet Muhammad was a great man, and a great example to mankind, he was kind, honourable, and always cared for others. Yet anti-Islamic's try to paint a different picture of this blessed man, they claim he was a terrorist! Quite an absurd claim really, especially when one reads the authentic hadiths with an open heart, for instance check this article out, and you decide for yourself if he is a terrorist:


But since anti-Islamics always make these evil claims about this great man, I thought I would put forth a challenge to them, and every other person who brings up such claims against the prophet Muhammad, and the challenges are not hard at all! The challenges are as follows:


1-     Bring me one single Islamic source which documents or quotes the prophet Muhammad saying go kill innocent women and children.

2-     Bring me one single Islamic source which documents the prophet Muhammad killing a child.


Now that is not too hard is it? Off course not, anti-Islamic's who call the prophet Muhammad a terrorist should have no problems in meeting these challenges.


Hopefully one anti-Islamic will be able to address the challenge.


And Indeed Allah Knows Best!