Jesus the God Man

Sami Zaatari


What exactly is the God man? Christians often use this term to describe Jesus, Jesus the God man; that he was both fully God and fully man. Now that does sound pretty straight forward and simple, however so it isn't as simple as it may sound to be, because when one actually takes the time to really examine this statement then one will find that this statement makes no sense!

For starters being called a God man is an oxymoron, it's a contradictive statement, and it would be like saying a stupid smart guy. As we all know God is not limited, however so in the case of man, man is limited! Therefore how can God be both limited and unlimited at the same time! God is FULLY unlimited and limited at the same time? Furthermore God is God, God is not a man, and man is man! So what is this God man! God is not of the man race (if you would like to phrase it like that!)

Let me give you a few examples and you see for yourself if these phrases make any logical or rational sense:

The Guy is fully fat and fully fit!

The Guy is fully sad and fully happy!

The Guy is fully hungry and fully full!

The Guy is a complete homosexual and a complete heterosexual!

All of the above are oxymorons, they don't make any sense, and they aren't true because their contradictive statements, it must be one or the other, it cannot be both. 

Christians just enjoy making these phrases up!

And Allah Knows Best!