Christianity doesn't 'refine' anyone


Sami Zaatari



Answering-Islam recently came out with an article talking about how Christianity refines the path of the Muslim; the article was written by Timothy Abraham and can be found on the following link:


Since the author said he would love to hear from his readers, I thought I would make him happy and respond, so here goes. He writes:

Jesus Christ has come to bring refinement and elevate us as Arabs to a refined humane behavior. He is described in the prophecy of Isaiah 42 in these words,

"He will not shout or cry out, or raise his voice in the streets. A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out." (Verses 2-3) 

He also identified himself as "gentle and humble in heart" (Matt. 11:29) and such was his living as people witnessed his going about doing good to all without differentiation (Acts 10:38). While some people are greedy for power in this world, Jesus simply declares that "my kingdom is not of this world" (John 18:36). He is not coming to set up a theocracy of Christian ideology but rather reigns by His redeeming love over human hearts, thus cleansing them.




So Jesus was such a gentle, nice, and warm man. Well I assume that Timothy believes that Jesus is God, and if Timothy bothers to open up the Jewish Bible, he will find his God, Jesus, ordering the death, destruction, and downfall of women and children! So what happened? Where was this easy going Jesus back then? Did he enter therapy 2000 years later?


In fact not only was Jesus violent in the OT, he is violent in the NT, in the Gospels he promises to return, and shall kill those who reject him. In the book of Revelations we also read about the end of days, in which there shall be a blood bath, and Jesus will be right on the front lines. So again, what happened to this soft lovy dovy Jesus? Maybe I'm reading a different Bible than you Mr. Timothy. Or maybe Jesus left therapy and went back to the dark side?!


Continuing with Timothy:


Muhammad, on the other hand, came to rule and dominate, for he was hungry for power.




The prophet Muhammad, unlike Jesus, actually spent 13 years preaching in peace, and under persecution, so if we want to play the Christian game of compare, then that makes Muhammad (AS) double the Jesus!


The prophet Muhammad did not come to dominate or rule; rather he came to spread the truth of monotheism, the truth of monotheism to a pagan polytheistic society. If the prophet Muhammad wanted power, then why didn't he accept the Pagan offer to him while he was in Makkah? They had offered to make him their ruler, give him all the money he wanted, and do you know how he responded to this offer? By inviting them to Islam! So if he was truly after power, then this was it, he had hit the jackpot, the pagans were offering him everything he wanted, but he REJECTED the offer.


The prophet Muhammad did eventually lift the sword after God had granted him permission, after 13 years of brutality at the hands of Pagans, after the Muslims were forced out of their city and homes. Indeed it is strange that Mr. Timothy has a problem with the prophet Muhammad lifting the sword, but has no problem when his soft lovy dovy Jesus commanded Moses to use the sword to slay every man, women, and child in the land of Palestine! I'm a little confused here!


Continuing with Mr. Timothy:


But Islam is both dogma and ideology, a Quran and a sword, faith and politics, faith and Shari'ah  شريعة. Islam without the Islamic law الشريعة الإسلامية would be a mutilated religion, not the real thing; a pathetic, gutted, emaciated form of religion that has nothing to do with the real Islam that is explicitly stated in the Quran.




Indeed, I know such a concept seems alien to a Christian, because Islam, unlike Christianity has rules, and a law in place! Yes, Mr. Timothy, we aren't lawless school kids; I know that might sound strange, but civilized human beings have a law and code to follow, this is not the jungle.


Furthermore, what's quite strange is that Christians keep saying how their religion has no place in politics, yet Christians always force their religion into politics! Do Christians support Gay rights? Porn? So on and so on? Off course not, often times Christians are at the forefront of banning such things, for instance in my state of birth, California, Christians have gotten together and BANNED gay marriage, through voting, through the political system! They have essentially involved their faith, religion, into politics and law.


Off course Timothy knows all of this, but Christians such as Timothy simply enjoy writing empty false rhetoric.


Mr. Timothy continues:


The modern movement to attempt to modernize Islam, to bring it up to the level of other faiths, forces the stripping of the core of the teachings of the Quran, leaving Islam bared. Islam's basis and foundation is not about the spiritual relationship with Allah, but that of an agenda, an ideology and a political movement. The embellishment on the part of Western academic institutions has been but a futile attempt to civilize it.




Yes, Timothy is right, Islam does have an agenda, and its agenda is to get people worshipping the one true God! Amen to that! Furthermore, Islam needs no modernizing; we have seen the results of modernizing Christianity, which has left Christianity bared and shred to pieces. Christian essentially is dying out in the western world, which is where the modernizing of Christianity began.


Mr. Timothy continues:


Even if we concede Islam to be a form of spirituality amongst all these religions of the world, I venture as a former preacher of Islam to confidently state that Islam is the most degenerate form of spiritualities.




And as a Muslim who defends Islam, I can confidently state that you are talking rubbish, so that settles that!


As for a degenerate form of spirituality, that's quite comical coming from a Christian who believes that the only way for salvation is through the blood, without the blood there is no salvation! This is a man who believes that an innocent man, was murdered, and killed for him to be saved! Talk about degenerate spirituality! What's the difference between Christianity and human pagan ritual sacrifice? There is none! Essentially Mr. Timothy believes in a human sacrifice to be saved!


Mr. Timothy continues:


When we are terrified into obedience out of fear and intimidation by Hellfire, where Allah is bribed with prayer, fasting and austere practices, what is that compared to a God we meet in Christ who gently knocks at the door and simply says, "If you will let me in, I will enter"? (Revelation 3:20) If we shut the door in God's face in the Bible, He will not fume with anger. He will simply move on in sadness (Luke 4:30) as the loss will be only ours, left behind.




You really have to laugh at this rubbish. So according to this false preacher, if you turn your back on the Biblical God, he will just be sad and leave us behind, is this before or after the part he throws us to burn in hell for eternity?! It seems that this false preacher wants to conveniently leave out the fact that his God will damn you in the flames of hell if you reject him.


Now we must ask ourselves, why is this false preacher painting a false distorted picture? After all he has supposedly been ?refined' by Christianity!


Timothy continues:


As a Muslim, I did everything out of terror of Allah and for the sake of the Hereafter with no certainty or security about anything.




Sure you did, while you're at it, perhaps you can borrow another most commonly used argument used by supposed ex-Muslims!


The false preacher continues:


Christ wants to make my present life so meaningful; he wants me to live life to the full and not just pay my dues so that I might have a "cushioned seat" in a fancy train. He wants me to enjoy life and to be "fully alive" by having my life joined to His life, as we become "flesh of his flesh and bone of his bones"




That sounds good; hopefully you make something meaningful out of your life.


Mr. Timothy continues:

Khalid Ibn Al Walid, chiefly commanding the army of Mohammad, acknowledged death as the driving force for practicing Islam. One of his famous statements calling on the infidels to convert to Islam is this:

 "Submit to Islam and be safe. Or agree to the payment of the Jizya, and you and your people will be under our protection, else you will have only yourself to blame for the consequences, for I bring the men who desire death as ardently as you desire life."1

No wonder, then, when a Muslim becomes so devout in his Islamic belief, he would desire death as ardently as we, Christians, would desire life. This has been true of Islam throughout the centuries since its ominous inception. As Samuel Zwemer eloquently put it, "From the outset it [i.e. Islam] had in it the germs of death - a neither the character of the Koran nor of its Prophet have in them the promise or potency of life that will endure."2 Is it any surprise, then, that the more religious a Muslim becomes, the more somber and gloomy he looks?



I love the typical generalization this man makes, by saying how religious Muslims become somber and gloomy, talk about redneck thought process! I know many religious Muslims who aren't somber or gloomy, some of the brightest (literally!) and happy people I know have been the very religiously motivated Muslims.


Furthermore, the reason why the early devout Muslims said they wanted to die, was because they wanted to go to paradise, a new life, an eternal and much better life! Off course this false preacher leaves that out.


In fact here is an irony for you, this false preacher claims that Muslims are insecure, filled with terror, and don't know what's going to happen to them, while he himself is now happy and secure etc etc. Yet if that's the case, why were Muslims so unfearful of death, and why did they want death if they were scared, and insecure?


In fact Mr. Timothy, let's test your sincerity, if you're so sure, so secure, then why don't you wish for death, after all it wont really be death, because you will go straight to the Kingdom of God! But off course Mr. Timothy would NEVER ever sincerely wish for death, because he isn't sure, he isn't secure, and he isn't as confident as he pretends to be in public.


The false preacher continues:


As a Muslim, I have often wondered to myself why most of the "pious" Muslims came out of the mosque with frowning, gloomy looks while everything I encountered in Christianity was always about joy.




It's amazing that Answering-Islam actually come out with such comical junk! Which mosque has this guy been going to? I really want to know? I have never seen any Muslim leaving a mosque looking gloomy, or frowning!


Furthermore, how about this false preacher goes and asks those little boys and girls who were molested in the churches if they came out feeling all happy.


Off course to rational, sane minded people, this false preacher's writing is pure garbage, and is a great illustration of the intellectual bankruptcy within Christianity, and why Christianity is dying, the fact is is that most people don't buy into this garbage!


The false preacher continues with his propaganda:


As a Muslim, I have always longed to live as a refined human being, like those we would see in Western media.




The smoking gun finally comes out! It never takes long for one of these ?ex-Muslims' to expose themselves as frauds. This supposed ex-Muslim claimed to be a ?preacher' of Islam, let me re-paste it:


Even if we concede Islam to be a form of spirituality amongst all these religions of the world, I venture as a former preacher of Islam to confidently state that Islam is the most degenerate form of spiritualities


Not only was he a former preacher of Islam, he was a very devout Muslim as well:


As a Muslim, I did everything out of terror of Allah and for the sake of the Hereafter with no certainty or security about anything.


So let me get this straight, a former preacher, i.e. imam, and a devout Muslim, was looking to refine himself like those who he would see in the WESTERN MEDIA?!!!! For starters ALL Muslims look to the prophet Muhammad as their example, and after the prophet Muhammad they look at the companions; this is the basics of all basics! Yet this man is an Islamic preacher, a devout Muslim, and he is looking to people in the western media as his example for refinement!!! What a joke! This is simply another typical Christian missionary hiding under the cloak of ?ex-Muslim' to try and deceive the Muslims, and to try and dupe the Christian readers into having some small self satisfaction to strengthen their faith.


In fact maybe you are an ex-Muslim, and it's because you looked to the western media as your example, that led you to this path your on now! That actually makes sense! I mean even many none-Muslim westerners don't look to the western media for their example! Yet this devout ex-Muslim preacher did just that, I mean you couldn't make this garbage up even if you tried to!


So with that said, there is no reason to take this false preacher seriously, that last comment by him really takes the cake.


This is what Christianity has to offer you ladies and gentlemen.


And Allah Knows Best!