Quran Preservation VS Bible Preservation


Sami Zaatari



The topic of Quranic and Biblical preservation is often brought up, so I thought it would be good to highlight some major differences between the two books in terms of preservation, so then everyone can see who has the better and stronger position.


So let us start with the Quran and give a rundown of the facts:


-The Quran was written and memorized during the lifetime of Muhammad (PBUH).


-The Quran was collected into a complete book during the reign of Abu Bakr, the first caliph of Islam, and the right hand man of Muhammad (PBUH).


-The Quran was collected by the companions of the prophet Muhammad, those who knew, and lived with him during its revelation.


-The Quran was duplicated into official standardized copies for the new Muslim population; this task was ordered by the third caliph of Islam, Uthman, who was also a close companion of the prophet Muhammad. The very manuscript that Uthman used to copy, was the one which Abu Bakr had collected into an official Quranic book.


So all of the above was essentially how the Quran was preserved, and this is all recorded in the Hadith literature. Now as for the Bible:


-The Gospels were written decades after Jesus


-The Gospels were written by authors who did not know Jesus


-The Gospels were written by authors who did not meet Jesus


-The Gospels were written by anonymous authors, we don't actually know they are, we are left but to guess


-The only Gospel in which we may know who the author was, was the Gospel of Luke, and he was the physician Luke, yet Luke never met Jesus, nor did he know Jesus.


-The actual Gospel manuscripts we do have are not even the originals, rather they are the copy's of the copy's of the copy's of the books that were written decades after Jesus, by unknown authors, who did not know, or meet Jesus!


-It wasn't until the 4th century that Christians finally established an orthodox cannon of scripture, yet even after this, there were still disputes, and some books were still rejected and accepted.


-Since there was no official Church orthodox cannon until the 4th century, you had several different Bible cannons for 400 years, different books claiming to be inspired, each Christian sect having their own Bible which they believed in.


-Up to this day we still see this problem, most notably with the Catholic and Protestant Bible, each having a different cannon. Did the Catholics add too much? Or did the Protestants leave too much out?


And that right there is the story for Bible preservation! And Christians don't even dispute this! This is all facts, and is all out there, yet even with all of this, they still expect you to place your salvation on this book!


You can make your choice as to which book you want to trust.


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And Allah Knows Best!