Not in my Name


By Sami Zaatari




Christians claim that we are saved by the blood, the blood of Jesus Christ, through his death, the crucifixion. They claim that Jesus died for us, they try to make it sound so lovely, you have most likely even had Christians come up to you saying "Jesus loves you, he loves you so much he laid his life down for you!"


So to be saved, you have to believe an innocent man named Jesus suffered, got tortured and humiliated and ultimately got killed all for us, and we must believe in this to be saved!


Now if you don't mind, I do not accept such a thing, as the title of the article says, not in my name! I am sorry I don't accept that my salvation is granted by a man getting beaten, tortured, and humiliated for me, sorry I don't accept such things. Most rational people would also reject it, why would you accept such unfair actions? If you accept it it means there is something really wrong with you, you think it's acceptable for another innocent man to be tortured, humiliated, and killed for you? You think this is something to praise and show off about?!


So in reality when you convert to Christianity, or become a "born again" you commit yourself to a violent ideology, Christians claim Islam is the violent ideology, yet they are simple hypocrites, because to become Christian you have to believe in violence! The violence that happened to Jesus! Just go watch Passion of the Christ, it may not be the exact reality but it is very close.


The other issue this doctrine exposes is Christian immaturity, the fact they can't take responsibility for themselves and accept that some other innocent man took their responsibilities away from them hence they are now saved! How easy you can say, just put the blame and burden and responsibility on another innocent man because you can't take responsibility for yourself. So when Christians come up to you saying "Jesus loves you so much he died for you and took your sin on himself" you reply back saying "well why? I am responsible for my own sins, why should I blame and put it on another man?!"


So the fact of the matter is this, we as Muslims and non-Christians never asked anyone to come die for us, to come get tortured for us, nor to be humiliated for us, we never asked for this because no sane rational person would do so because it is completely unjust and unfair, hence NOT IN OUR NAME!  


If you want salvation then all you have to do is accept God, believe in his existence, and that all worship is for him, and that he is unique, and to believe in his final messenger and all the messengers which he has mentioned and not mentioned, and this is the straight path!


And Allah Knows Best!