The Moon of Blood


A Jochen Katz argument


Sami Zaatari




I will once again use the same standards and criteria that the Nazi Jochen Katz employs, in fact this article will also expose any other Christian who has a faulty way of argumentation.


If anyone has read the Bible, then they would know that the Bible claims that the Moon will turned into blood, as we read in the book of Joel:


The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.


So the moon will be turned into blood!


If anyone studies basic astronomy, then you will all know it is physically IMPOSSIBLE for the moon to turn into blood. It would almost be like saying the moon is made up of cheese (who knows maybe it is according to the Bible!).


No scientist who isn't a Christian will ever believe such a wild claim, that the moon will be turned into blood, heck even Christian scientists will deny such a thing!


I challenge any Christian to bring me scientific proof of how the moon can be turned into blood; I would really love to know how!


Remember, I am being like Jochen Katz, and I am being like Christians who love to argue and use science, always saying the Bible's claim are both HISTORICALLY and SCIENTIFICALLY accurate to the end. Since this is a future event to take place, it doesn't go under failing a historical event, but completely misses the mark when it comes to science.


Now  watch the Christians employ their lovely double standards, it is so lovely to watch, and very amusing.


And Allah Knows Best!