Give Makkah back to the Polytheists?

Sami Zaatari


Recently Christian apologist David Wood came out with a rather strange blog, Wood writes the following:

In the year 630, Muslims conquered Mecca. Not wanting a bloodbath, the polytheists surrendered without a fight. It's time to set things right. Muslims should give Mecca back to polytheists. Polytheists should be allowed to take back their temple (the Ka'ba) and fill it with their gods. The polytheists can then continue with their ancient pagan practices (e.g. ablutions, taking the pilgrimage to Mecca, circling the Ka'ba, kissing the black stone, etc.).Polytheists are people too, and they have rights (not simply the right to convert to Islam or die).


Wow, I am truly stunned by the amount of inaccuracy in Wood's statements. For starters it seems that Wood wants to be cheeky, as he knows, Muslims complain about the terrorist state of Israel who have stolen Muslim-Arab land, so Wood wants to sort of turn the tables now and say well you Muslims stole Makkah from the Pagans!

For starters this is where Wood commits his first inaccuracy; comparing Israel's thievery of Palestine with the conquering of Makkah is like comparing apples and shawarma! The Israeli's forcefully came into the land, forced the people out of their homes, then demolished the homes, and changed the complete landscape of the place, from name to looks.

On the other hand the Muslims did no such thing in Makkah, when the Muslims conquered Makkah the Muslims did not destroy the homes of the pagans, the Muslims did not deport the pagans, nor did the Muslims rename the city to al-Jabal. Rather the Muslims allowed the pagans to remain, they allowed the pagans to have their homes and property and their living, and they essentially kept the city as it was, there was no mass forced exodus, no mass refugee problem. Hence David Wood is completely wrong in trying to create this analogy, he even knows it, and so do his fellow Christian Zionists, I'm sorry Wood, but we are not thieves like Zionists.

Secondly, something Wood fails to mention is that many of the Muslims who took part in the conquest of Makkah were from Makkah themselves! They were forced out of Makkah, and emigrated to Madinah, and eventually they came back as the victors, the prophet Muhammad who led the conquest was born and raised in Makkah himself! Unlike Israel, the Zionists had nothing to do with the land, they were European immigrants, foreign invaders with no connection what so ever to the land, they grew up in Europe, not Palestine.

Thirdly, amongst the Muslims who did conquer Makkah were Muslims who were not from Makkah, however so, as I stated above, they did not kick the pagan Makkans out of Makkah, rather they allowed them to remain in their homes and land, unlike the foreign Zionist Jews who came from Europe as invaders and kicked the inhabitants out of the land. Many of the foreign Muslims who did conquer Makkah eventually left Makkah and went back to their original home city as well.

Fourthly, the polytheists of Makkah WILLINGLY converted to Islam, after they saw the excellent characteristics of the Muslims they decided to convert, the pagans thought they were finished, they thought the Muslims would do the same as they did to the Muslims, yet the Muslims did no such thing, and as a result of the Muslim behaviour, the pagans saw the light and truth.

Fifthly, Makkah was originally a MONOTHEISTIC city, David mentions the pagan idols and practices, yet what Wood forgets to mention is that the origin of Makkah was a monotheistic holy city of God, the idols and pagan practices were foreign innovations introduced to the city. The Kaaba which was rebuilt by both Abraham and Ishmael was meant to be a pure house of God, not to be defiled by idols and idol practice, hence when the Prophet Muhammad destroyed the idols he was returning the Kaaba back to its original state, not the other way round Mr. Wood. So in point of fact Wood should have stated the polytheists should have given the city back to the monotheists! Not the other way round.

So all in all David Wood is completely wrong on all levels, in fact here is a set of challenges for Wood, challenges he will never meet:

-Show us any proof of mass deportation against the pagan population of Makkah

-Show us any proof of forced conversion, i.e. convert or die!

It is very interesting I must say, David Wood is in hold of several Islamic books dealing with Islamic history, such as Ibn Ishaque, Al-Tabari and so on, yet with all of these books in his possession he still goes on to make such factual errors, how is that? I find it hard to believe that Wood was simply making an innocent honest mistake; I am quite disappointed to face the reality, which is that Wood is intentionally spreading false information to simply continue with the Christian Zionist propaganda, deep down Wood knows that he is wrong on all accounts, sadly I don't think he will honest enough to admit he is wrong and simply move on.

Lastly Wood says free Makkah, nay, free CANAAN! The region which was completely destroyed and stolen by the Israelites on the orders of the God of the Bible, common Wood, let's see how consistent you will be, according to the Bible, Israelites went through the land of Canaan committing mass genocide, destroying city after city just so they could take the land for themselves. I demand that Wood and his fellow Christians pay compensation to the people of Canaan, and I demand that Wood removes the present day Israeli immigrants in the stolen land of Palestine who have yet again acted on the terrorism of the Bible by stealing the land of its inhabitants just as the Israelites did 4000 years ago, enough is enough, how long shall we allow these people to steal land from the mid-east?

And Allah Knows Best!