Jesus Is Indeed Like Adam


By Sami Zaatari




Missionary Sam Shamoun yet again exposes his ignorance and basic understanding of Islam. His misunderstanding and ignorance this time comes concerning what the Quran says about both Jesus and Adam being similar in Allah's sight, as Allah states in the Noble Quran:


YUSUFALI: The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: "Be". And he was.


Now since Sam Shamoun is so ignorant he argues that this verse makes no sense, and is inconsistent because Adam and Jesus have many differences! As he writes:


Secondly and more importantly, the Quran itself is a witness against its own assertion of Adam being similar to Jesus. The Quran ascribes to Jesus certain roles and characteristics which not only demonstrate his vast superiority to Adam, but which also elevate him higher than any other prophet or messenger. Here are a host of qualities and functions that both the Quran and Islamic literature assign to Jesus which place him far above and beyond Adam.



It seems I am forced to give another Islamic lesson to this missionary, but I am more than happy to do so, I hope the missionary will pay attention.

So now to the verse, surah 3:59 which I already quoted, I shall quote it again just for easier reading:

YUSUFALI: The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: "Be". And he was.


So as you can see Allah states that Jesus and Adam are similar in his sight, however so what does that mean? Does this mean that they are exactly the same? Off course not since the verse does not state that, no where does the verse say that these 2 men are identical, so therefore Shamoun is attacking a STRAW MAN.


On top of that Shamoun has decided to ignore the context of the verse, what it actually means, instead of doing this the missionary makes his own meanings up and then attacks his own false interpretation! We call that straw man. (STRAW MAN STRIKE 2)


So now to the verse again, we must first look at its context, and when one reads the context one will see the context and the theme of this verse begin from verse 42. The whole context and theme from verses 42 to 59 is about the creation of Jesus, his mission, his miracles, and a REFUTATION to any claims that he is divine. Now then verse 59 comes, which states that Jesus' similitude to Allah is that of Adam, put within its proper context one will understand that this basically means that just like Adam, Jesus was also created in a miraculous way, through a virgin birth and having no father. This was very similar to Adam, Adam was created without a mother or father.


And it is this that Allah is emphasizing, how both these men were created in a very similar fashion, without having parents, and without the act of sexual intercourse. And as I said the context and theme of this verse begins from verse 42, which talks about Jesus, his mission, and which also refute claims of him being divine. It is very important to remember this point, that the context is also meant to refute any claims of Jesus' divinity, and one common argument and claim brought up to show Jesus is divine is that of his virgin birth.


Hence Allah precisely brings up Adam and the similarity in his creation and coming into this world with that of Jesus, to refute the weak claims of Christians, because if Jesus is divine for a virgin birth with no father, then Adam must be double divine because he has no father or mother! So therefore Allah is refuting this silly claim, and making it clear to the believers that both Jesus and Adam are similar in their creation, which did not come about through sexual intercourse, but came about directly from Allah himself.


Shamoun is so ignorant and shows how little he knows about Islam by interpreting the verse to mean that Jesus and Adam are completely similar in their ways and how they lived and performed things! Yet this isn't what the verse is saying nor is it trying to say that, and no Muslim even believes that!

So to put the nail in the coffin for this missionary we shall now also quote Ibn Kathir's tafsir of this verse:

The Similarities Between the Creation of Adam and the Creation of `Isa

Allah said,

[ ]

(Verily, the likeness of `Isa before Allah) regarding Allah's ability, since He created him without a father,

[ ]

(is the likeness of Adam), for Allah created Adam without a father or a mother. Rather,

[ ]

(He created him from dust, then (He) said to him: "Be!'' and he was.)

Therefore, He Who created Adam without a father or a mother is able to create `Isa, as well, without a father. If the claim is made that `Isa is Allah's son because he was created without a father, then the same claim befits Adam even more. However, since such a claim regarding Adam is obviously false, then making the same claim about `Isa is even more false.

Furthermore, by mentioning these facts, Allah emphasizes His ability, by creating Adam without a male or female, Hawa' from a male without a female, and `Isa from a mother without a father, compared to His creating the rest of creation from male and female. This is why Allah said in Surah Maryam,

[ ]

(And We made him a sign for mankind) [19: 21].

Allah said in this Ayah,

[ ]

((This is) the truth from your Lord, so be not of those who doubt.) meaning, this is the only true story about `Isa, and what is beyond truth save falsehood Allah next commands His Messenger to call those who defy the truth, regarding `Isa, to the Mubahalah (the curse).

So as you can see one of the best Quranic commentators basically says the same thing, it is funny that Ibn Kathir didn't take Shamoun's interpretation! And it is even more funny that other major Islamic scholars and commentators such as Tabari, Ibn Abbas, and many other top Islamic scholars never followed or believed Shamoun's silly interpretation that the verse meant that Adam and Jesus were EXACTLY the same.

So please Shamoun go learn Islam because you are so ignorant of the beautiful faith.

And Allah Knows Best!