The Injeel is not the New Testament or the Gospels!

Answering-Islam finally admits it!

Sami Zaatari


If anyone visits the Answering-Islam website they would be familiar with the common argument that the Quran confirms the authenticity and preservation of the modern day Bible. This argument is often made by their premier writer Sam Shamoun, his material on this subject can be found on all of these links:

There are many more articles written by Shamoun on this subject scattered throughout the AI website, but the above is a good indication that this is a very favoured argument used by Shamoun. We must point out though, that all of Shamoun's weak claims have been thoroughly and extensively refuted:

We can now add another source of refutation for Sam Shamoun, this time the source of refutation comes from Shamoun's very own website, Answering-Islam! Not only does the refutation come from AI, it comes from the owner of AI, Jochen Katz!

In the words of Jochen Katz:

Note: According to S. 5:46, the Injil was a book given to 'Isa by Allah. That means, it is not the New Testament or the Gospels contained in the NT, because those books were not given to Jesus during his life on earth, but they were written by his disciples (under divine inspiration) after the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. (

Thank you very much! Answering-Islam have finally come out and said the very same thing we have been saying the whole time!

So the next time Shamoun comes up with his silly argument that the Quran affirms the modern day Bible, then don't even bother using Islamic sources to refute him, just use his own website, and the article by the owner of the website!

And Allah Knows Best!

(Brother Bassam Zawadi who spent so much time refuting Shamoun on this topic must be laughing his head off!)