Christianity Teaches Hate


Sami Zaatari




Christians are so fond of claiming that Islam teaches hate, while Christianity teaches love and peace. We Muslims have also been always finding ourselves in a position to try and show that Islam is not hate, and teaches love as well while granting Christians the benefit of the doubt that Christianity does indeed teach love.


We as Muslims should not go into dialogs or arguments in such a position, where we feel that we have to be on the defensive and thinking that we must explain ourselves to the Christian while the Christian doesn't. As I repeat, we have granted Christians and Christianity the benefit of the doubt, we have blindly accepted their claims that Christianity is peace, and only teaches love.


Yet when one actually reads and studies the Bible one will find that the Christian has a lot of explaining to do, and that the Christian is not being very consistent or honest.


For instance I guarantee you most Christians don't know that such a verse exists in the Bible:


If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. (Luke 14:26)


This is a saying of Jesus found in the Gospel of Luke. How many Christians knew about this verse?


How can Christians claim Islam is a hateful religion while Christianity is the opposite when Jesus commands his followers to hate his father, mother, wife, and children, and people, and all his family, and his own life?


The word that is used for hate here is called miseo, and I will give you the definition of this word straight from a Christian lexicon:


1) to hate, pursue with hatred, detest

2) to be hated, detested



So Jesus taught his followers to HATE! Hence Christianity teaches hate! It as simple as that.


I am confident that most Christians don't even know about this verse, which makes the problem worst. Why do you blindly follow this book you call the Bible, and this religion called Christianity, when you hardly know nothing about it, but only what your preachers have fed you? This is blind following of the worst kind, to make matters worst this is the blind following you claim we Muslims are on (that we blindly follow our evil imams!).


Now if most Christians do know about this verse then this worries me, because this shows a very high level of dishonesty on the Christians part. To know that the Bible teaches hate, and then try to argue against Islam as evil for supposedly ?teaching hate' is despicable.


On a last note this isn't a reference to all Christians, but simply to hostile ones who always like to argue and attack Islam.


And Allah Knows Best!