Debate Challenge to Sam Shamoun



For months now I have been trying to get the missionary Sam Shamoun to come and debate me, however so the missionary has kept backing down, making excuses, and even completely ignoring me.


Since I have grown tired of simply challenging the missionary through emails, I thought I would make my debate challenge public so that everyone will be able to see it, and so that everyone will see that Shamoun is a coward if he does not accept to debate me.


It is rather amusing that this missionary always claims that he is looking for a debate, in fact on the answering-Islam website the missionary even writes:


It seems that Muslim apologists are quick to debate issues such as the Trinity, the Deity of Jesus, the authenticity of the Holy Bible etc. but refuse to debate the credentials of their prophet. Perhaps Shabir will prove to be the exception to this norm and accept our public challenge. (

Let me publicly refute Shamoun's claim that Muslims refuse to debate the prophet Muhammad, I am willing to debate you on the prophet Muhammad, so let us see if you will keep your word or if you shall back down like a coward.

So therefore we shall all wait until this missionary accepts the debate challenge, as soon as he does I will inform everyone about it. Until then this debate challenge shall remain on the website for the public to see.

Sami Zaatari

September 14th, 2007