Open Debate Challenge to Craig Winn


By Sami Zaatari





Hello Mr. Craig Winn, I recently read one of your articles, which is a letter addressed to the Muslim people:


In your letter to the Muslims, you tell us about yourself and who you are: 


For those who are still reading, let me introduce myself. My name is Craig Winn. I work for Yahuweh. I am not like anyone you have ever encountered. I don't have a human agenda, I don't promote any organization, I have no national allegiance, I don't support any political party, and I don't belong to or participate in any religion. Despite what most Muslims believe, I'm neither Jewish nor am I in any way sponsored by Jews or Israel. I don't accept money, and I have no interest in power, followers, or fame.


Since you have told us a bit about yourself, I thought it would also be nice of me to tell you abit about myself. As you can see my name is Sami Zaatari, I work for Allah. I cannot say I am unlike anyone you encountered since I am not God. I have no idea about who you have encountered and whether they are like me or not, but I do find it interesting that you claim that you are unlike anyone I have met, since only God in reality knows whether this is true or not, but you are an interesting character it seems.


Now unlike you, I do have a human agenda, but however so I am currently not part of any organization, nor do I have any political party, and despite what some Christians believe, I am not a hater or any of that sort. As I said, I do certainly have a human agenda, part of that agenda is to make sure humans are treated fairly, and are not oppressed, and that they don't have to suffer because of their religious beliefs, which is what is happening to many Muslims in the west because of lies and miss-information being propagated against them. So therefore I feel it is my duty to stop the lies, at the same time this work is also for God, since it is a duty of any person who believes in God to refute the lies and insults against him and his people, which is what I basically do.


It must be said Mr. Winn that it is mainly due to people like yourself that Muslims are often looked at in a strange manner in the west, and it is mainly because of people like you that people become mean and harsh against the Muslims. You may deny this, yet deep down you know this is true, and I am sure you don't really mind, although you may claim that such actions are indeed wrong and so on, but at the end of the day you yourself do this when you claim that Muslims are liars and un-trustworthy.


But thankfully, not all westerners are bad people, who treat Muslims badly, not all westerners share the same 'thug racist' mentality which is very good, good for everyone.


But back to your interesting letter. Now in your letter you are not only telling the Muslims who you are, but you are also telling them what you are doing, which as you say is:


In the fall of 2001, God asked me to expose you to the truth about Muhammad, Allah, Satan, Islam, the Qur'an, and the Hadith collections from the Companions of the Prophet. That is the purpose of this book and of this site.


In so doing, Muhammad's motives become immediately transparent and his religion is quickly exposed as a complete fraud. This isn't our opinion or our interpretation, it's what the Islamic scriptures actually reveal.


Very interesting indeed. Now much like yourself, I do quite the same as you do, except I expose the truth about Paul, the un-holy Bible, Christian fabrications in the name of Jesus Christ and so on.


Another thing you tell us about what you do is:


That is why after having completed this mission, Yahuweh gave me a promotion. I am no longer actively engaged in the business of exposing and condemning Islam - at least to Muslims. Today, I serve our Heavenly Father at  <go.aspx?> Yada Yahweh - a site dedicated to God's prophetic Word.


Very interesting, so you also preach about the Bible, so I can take it that you know quite a lot about the Bible which is good for both of us. You go on to say something interesting again:


And that is where it gets interesting. What's known about Muhammad, Allah, and Islam is mostly bad - real bad. And I suppose that's why so many Muslims hate me and despise this book and site.


I do not think most Muslims hate or despise you, many will most likely disagree with you and will not like the information you are presenting which is natural. Many Christians often do not like the information that I am presenting, claiming that I am taking things out of context, and simply being hateful and insulting; this is to be expected in Religious dialog.


However so, all of this brings me to my main point. Since you are in the business of exposing Islam as you say, and that you are also working for God in preaching the Bible, and that many Muslims hate you. I thought it would be nice of me to issue a debate challenge against you, since I too am in the business of exposing the Bible, and also teaching about God's true word the Noble Quran, and since many Christians also hate me. I thought a very fair debate topic for both of us would be:


The Quran or the Bible, which really promotes terror?


I think this topic greatly suits both of us, and will allow both of us to do what we do. Now lest you say I am excluding the hadiths and other Islamic sources, I am certainly not, I will still allow you to use the hadiths and other Islamic sources, since at the end of the day according to you, you believe many of these other sources explain the Quran so hence they are connected. This is fair I shall say, but at the same time this will allow me to use Christian sources such as commentaries as well in such a debate since these commentaries explain the Bible too thus connecting it to the Bible.


So Mr. Winn, are you up for a fair debate? I think it will serve everybody's interest, since such topics must be debated and discussed between apologists, it is no good in writing a book and not debating the issues in the book of whether they are correct or wrong and are miss-leading and taken out of context and so on. Since at the end of the day anybody can write a book, what is important is whether the information in that book stands, and this is why debates are crucial.


So I am hoping you do respond, and accept this fair challenge, once doing so we can arrange time slots, a date and other information.