Christianity is NOT a way of Life


By Sami Zaatari




Recently Pope Benedict came out warning drug dealers, telling them God will hold them to account and will punish them. Off course such a statement is nice, but this statement shows how weak Christianity is. Christianity holds absolutely no rules or regulations concerning sex, adultery, alcohol, and drug dealing. All The New Testament says is that such things are evil and if someone would commit such evils would be guilty of sin. However so this is no practical at all, simply saying such things are sins is not good enough, there must also be a rule stipulating a punishment for such acts, and Christianity offers non, basically in Christianity you can commit sins at free will with no consequences in this life, and this produces a backward immoral corrupt society, for proof of that just look at the west today.


This is very much on a different level than Islam, where in Islam not only are such acts condemned, but such acts are also punished in this life, the sinner is not simply let off the hook to go on carrying his sin, and then one day he goes to Church and acts like everything is okay. It is like parents and their kids, a parent disciplines his child when he does wrong, this will teach the kid to not do it anymore, and it will make the child think twice before he does something wrong. If a parent takes no action, and simply tells his child that what he's doing is wrong the child will simply carry on doing what he is doing! And this is what Christianity is, no punishments, no discipline, hence this leaves society bankrupt!


This in itself is enough to disprove Christianity; this in itself is enough to prove that Christianity a religion made up by man, for man! How convenient, Paul made a religion which has no legal rulings, no punishments, no nothing, you can basically do as you please, oh yes you will only get a sin for being bad, but hey just repent to Jesus one day and its all good!



And indeed Allah Knows Best!