Can God do anything and is he everywhere?

Sami Zaatari


Muslim and Christian theology is quite different, Muslims on one hand seem to understand theology and how it works, while Christians don't and seem to usually base their theology on their own human interpreted way of thinking.

For instance on the question of God's abilities and powers, can God do anything? If you ask a Muslim this question he will say yes, but at the same time the Muslim would also go on to clarify what you mean by everything, because this question is not a simple black and white yes or no situation.

So if you were to ask me can God create another God? I would say no, now would that mean that I am limiting God? The answer is no, because if God were to create another God then he would cease to be God, and furthermore God is eternal and has no creation, hence the created God wouldn't even be God because it is created! This is simple basic theology, and as I just said, this issue is not a black and white thing, and sadly it seems that Christians do think that this is a black and white thing.

Since Christians cannot fully grasp such concepts they therefore go into the dangerous ground of using their own human viewpoints and push it onto God, since they cannot understand how God cannot do certain things, they go on to commit the error of saying God is capable of all things. So for the Christian, God can become a homosexual, God can make a rock so heavy that even he himself won't be able to lift! Such thinking leads to several problems, and yet again shows how false Christianity is, they have a theology that effectively breaks their own God and leaves us with no God!

Another problem with Christian theology is the question of where is God? For the Muslim we say God is above the 7 heavens and above his throne, you will hardly find any Muslim saying God is everywhere. Yet for the Christian the often answer we get from them is that God is everywhere, which would mean that God is in the toilet, God is in the sewers, God is in the brothels, and that God is in the homosexual bars etc etc!

Furthermore Christians believe that God even dwells inside them, we read from the writings of Paul:

Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? (1 Corinthians 6:19)

Christians believe that the Holy Spirit is God, and they use this verse to prove that God lives inside them. Now this leads to many problems, if God lives inside you is he also inside you when you go to the bathroom, and when you are having sex? Does God also go on to feel what you are feeling as he is inside you? The problems that arise from such theology is endless, and just shows how confused the Christians are when it comes to these matters.

And Allah Knows Best!