Before and After

How Islam fixed a backward people

Sami Zaatari


Indeed Islam is the religion of truth, a religion ordained by God, a religion that came to fix the people in both their doctrine and way of life, taking them from darkness and into the light. Many anti-Islamic's like to claim otherwise, yet the facts speak for themselves, one of the most interesting incident we read takes place during the Muslim's stay in Abyssinia, where they were forced to flee due to pagan oppression in their own homeland. I shall let the account speak for itself, the story comes from Ibn Ishaque's Sirat Rasul Allah:

?Then he summoned the apostles companions, and when his messenger came they gathered together, saying one to another, ?What will you say to the man when you come to him?' They said, ?We shall say what we know and what our prophet commanded us, come what may.' When they came into the royal presence they found that the king had summoned his bishops with their sacred books and exposed around him. He asked them what was the religion for which they had forsaken their people, without entering into his religion or any other. Ja'far b. Abu Talib answered, ?O King, we were an uncivilized people, worshipping idols, eating corpses, committing abominations, breaking natural ties, treating guests badly, and our strong devoured our weak. Thus we were until God sent us an apostle whose lineage, truth, trustworthiness, and clemency we know. He summoned us to acknowledge God's unity and to worship and to renounce the stones and images which we and our fathers formerly worshipped. He commanded us to speak the truth, be faithful to our engagements, mindful of the ties of kinship and kindly hospitality, and to refrain from crimes and bloodshed. He forbade us to commit abominations and to speak lies, and to devour the property of orphans, to vilify chaste women. He commanded us to worship God alone and not to associate anything with Him, and he gave us orders about prayer, almsgiving, and fasting (enumerating the commands of Islam). We confessed his truth and believed in him, and we followed him in what he had brought from God, and we worshipped God alone without associating aught with Him. We treated as forbidden what he forbade, and as lawful what he declared lawful. (Alfred, Guillaume. The Life of Muhammad, A Translation of Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasu Allah. Oxford University press, 2002. PP. 151-152)

So notice the before and after, from darkness and into the light, from backwardness to civilized, from evil to good, from idolatry to monotheism. And this is the religion and faith in which these Islamophobes want us the Muslims to forsake? Indeed, if I wanted to go backwards, and leave the light, and go back into darkness, idolatry, and polytheism, then yes, I would leave Islam.

And Allah Knows Best!